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My Order Arrived With Damaged Packaging. What Should I Do?
My Order Arrived With Damaged Packaging. What Should I Do?
Updated over a week ago

Has your order arrived with damages to the outer or inner packaging? We are here to help.

IMPORTANT: Please do not post your product(s) before you have received return instructions from us. We may not be able to process your return or refund your order if you send back the goods before you have received and followed return instructions from us.

Please follow the following steps:

  1. Inspect your package BEFORE accepting delivery.
    If the packaging is damaged, make sure you refuse acceptance and clearly state it to the courier or representative of the shipping company – before you sign for it. They will issue a claim for your delivery – hold onto this and take a photo; we will need this from you later!
    Please note that if you accept a delivery with damaged packaging, we may not be able to refund your order when you make a claim.

  2. Inspect Your Products.
    Carefully check if your products have been damaged along with the packaging. Any scratches or dents? If no, then great – we hope you'll enjoy your New Tendency products.
    If your products have been damaged, please proceed with the next steps.

  3. Take Photos of the Damage or Defects.
    Please prepare photos of the damage or defects, and, if applicable, the damaged packaging.

  4. Tell Us You Want to Make a Claim.
    Send a brief message including your Order Number to our Support Chat, or via email to

  5. Wait for Our Returns Request Email.

    You will receive a Returns Request via Email with further instructions and a link to our Returns Form. We will send this to the email you originally provided during the order process.

  6. Complete the Returns Form.

    1. Select the reason for your return. We need this to route your return correctly in our warehouse!

      – Return
      – Damaged Packing
      – Defect Product

    2. Please upload photos of the damage or defects. If your packaging was damaged, too, also upload photos of the damaged packaging, as well as your claim note from the shipping company.

  7. Post Your Return

    Please post your return to the address provided. Please note we do not cover return shipping costs or provide return shipping labels.

  8. Wait to Hear Back From Us.
    Once your return has been processed, you will receive an email with a confirmation. Any refunds will be wired back using the original payment methods. If we need further details from you, we will reach out via email.
    Thank you for your patience!

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